Monday, 14 April 2014

Music Teaching Musings

What is a Music Teacher?  How many of you went through school music and remember almost nothing about it, apart from maybe your mate behind you pulling off one of the keyboard keys and sticking it to the bottom of the desk (ahem).  Did you learn an instrument and are you still playing?  Is there a big difference between classroom and instrumental (peripatetic) music teachers?

As the daughter of probably one of the most unorthodox music teachers in existence (The Frustated Music Teacher), and having experienced some truly awful music teaching from school and instrumental teachers, my path to becoming (hopefully) the second most unorthodox music teacher, will take me through other peoples' experiences as well as my own.  I want to understand what makes truly great teaching and also where people have experienced bad teaching, why was this - and did it have an impact on their view of music as a whole?

These are very big questions and will probably take me a long time to answer, but I'll start with chronicling my experiences along the winding path of staff paper towards joining the ranks of our music teachers.

I'll also be making myself and my opinions known on the Twittersphere here.

If you have any comments about teaching you have received/are a teacher yourself - I am very interested in hearing them.

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